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Mortgage Brokers Lethbridge are able to understand the Lethbridge housing market, build relationships with lenders to benefit the buyer, and walk homebuyers through the daunting paperwork involved with making the biggest purchase of your life.

Our Lethbridge Mortgage Brokers not only works to get you the best interest rate, but they also act as a liaison between you and the lender thereby handling everything from the initial application, a search of the financial products available, collection of documentation, and providing support and advice to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

Our Mortgage Professionals include Elinda Leung-Maier, Fraser Erais, Eli Taboulchanas, Darren Gruninger, Craig Paskuski, Ryan Wolfe, Mike Maier, Kelly Knox, and Darren Ammann. With our team, you can rest assured you’re getting years of collective wisdom and experience applied to the process of helping match you with the perfect mortgage.

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