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Meet Allison Kehler Tolley

About Me:

I have lived in Southern Alberta for most of my life and  I have worked with The Mortgage Centre for the last five years.  The challenges and changes I am faced with on a daily basis make my workday very enjoyable.  The best thing about my career is the fact I get to help people.  Everybody likes to save money!  I am privileged to help clients to buy their first home or help renew or refinancing an existing property.   For any questions or if information is needed you can always contact me on my cell..anytime. Apply With Allison Now


Allison is a great person, all around.  She is dedicated, motivated and always has your best interests in mind.     Allison is hard working, confident and works well under pressure.

Ally is a awesome person that provides quick and efficient service and makes things fun!   –Nancy

Howard Newton quoted “People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it.” How true, my wife and my self are in the process of purchasing our second home.  We have forgetting how involved and how time consuming the whole home buying process is.  I feel totally comfortable in recommending Allison in that she totally looks after her client’s best interest.  I will not shop through a bank again for a mortgage.  Allison has made the process comfortable, affordable and has ensured all the steps are taking care of, right to the last detail.  That way I don’t have to do it!!   –Roxane

“We recommend Alley for all your mortgage needs.  We’ve had 4 mortgages processed through Alley and they were all  processed seamlessly.  Alleys’ service is outstanding in all regards.   The dreaded paperwork ended up being stress free.  Alley is extremely easy to get ahold of – which for us, is very important.  We were able to consult with Alley repeatedly during one of our offers to purchase.  She took about 6 back to back phone calls from us.  One of our mortgages needed to be processed in a ridiculous short  time frame.  Alley made it happen!  Alley is always available to us for any questions even after our mortgages have long been processed.  She is someone whom you can consider as part of your team – always looking to do what is in your best interest! “ –David Kunst

I have had the opportunity to work with Allison Tolleyon several real estate transactions over thepast 7 Years.  She is efficient, professional and she really knows mortgages.  I have sent many clients to her in the past and feel confident sending her my valued clients knowing they will be in good hands and will get the job done for them.   -Liz Toles